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GM! Welcome back to another edition of Insanely Cool Tools 👋

It’s my last day in beautiful Budapest before I fly back to the UK and I’m writing this email while sitting outside at a cafe terrace sipping a delicious flat white. Life is good :)

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— Jaisal (@ratheejaisal)

Here’s what I found…

1 / Guidejar — An insanely cool tool that lets you create interactive product demos and step by step guides effortlessly (promoted).

2 / Garple — Struggling to find a name for your startup? This website features a curated selection of short, memorable and easy-to-say .com domain names that nobody else is using.

3 / True Size of Countries — Is Greenland really as big as Africa? Here’s a clever (free) map website that shows you the true size of countries on the Mercator projection.

4 / Pay Once Apps — Tired of endless software subscriptions? Here’s a useful directory of the best web, windows, mac applications that you can pay for once and use forever.

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