Reverse Dictionary / Open-Source Zapier Alternative

GM! Welcome back to another edition of Insanely Cool Tools 👋

Big thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on last week’s email — really appreciate it!

— Jaisal (@ratheejaisal)

Here’s what I found…

1 / Reverse Dictionary — Have you ever had difficulty finding the right words to use but you know the meaning of said word? Enter the phrase, definition or description you are thinking of and this Reverse Dictionary will find the word that best fits that description.

2 / Tattoos AI — Have an idea for a tattoo but can't find the right design? This AI will generate tattoo ideas for you within seconds.

3 / Active Pieces — An open-source alternative to Zapier that helps you automate various tasks using no-code. They have a generous free tier which gets you 1,000 tasks.

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