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After yesterday’s email, my inbox was flooded 🌊 with tons of requests to bring back the Cool Tools section. Turns out, for many of you it’s the highlight!

So, from now on Cool Tools will be a dedicated weekly email where I’ll share the best tools and resources to help you build, launch and grow your startup.

Those who’ve been subscribed for long enough know that this is how Startups.fyi began and I’m super excited to bring it back by popular demand! 🥳

If you don’t want to receive the Cool Tools email feel free to unsubscribe - I’ll be sad to see you leave but this won’t affect your subscription to Startups.fyi :)

🤩 New Tools

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Page that Converts features 136 curated copywriting & design examples of high converting landing pages. These focus on high conversion rates and not just beautiful web design. You can even copy any of these designs directly to Figma.

Journalist.cafe lets you instantly generate high-quality and SEO-optimised articles for your business. This is genius and a no-brainer if you need to regularly create content for your website or blog.

Kadoa is a super useful tool lets you extract data from any website easily and on auto-pilot using AI. No coding or browser extension required.

That’s it for this time! See you next week. 🤗

— Jaisal (@ratheejaisal)

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