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GM! Welcome back to another edition of Insanely Cool Tools 👋

Big thanks to everyone who responded to last week’s email with some insanely cool recs for websites to feature!

— Jaisal (@ratheejaisal)

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The Rising Demand for Whiskey: A Smart Investor’s Choice

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Here’s what I found…

1 / Niche Tools — A database of untapped + popular tools used by millions everyday (boosted).

2 / Oh, a potato! — This AI-powered iOS app is a weekly meal planner that helps you find, save and plan recipes using ingredients you already have. You can save recipes from anywhere - websites, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or simply by scanning cookbooks.

3 / Math Encrypt — Fun website that turns any number into an absurdly complicated math equation. Use this the next time someone asks if they can get your phone number! 🤪

4 / — This is a cool website that curates beautifully designed decks, slides, keynotes, guidelines — or whatever you call them (archive).

5 / Tiny Startups — This is one of my side-projects and I’m hoping to make this the #1 newsletter & community for bootstrapped founders building profitable tiny startups and living life on their own terms. Subscribe for weekly updates if you haven’t already - would love to have you on-board! :)

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