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Humblytics is a simple and privacy-friendly analytics SaaS for Webflow. Boost conversions through user behaviour insight, including click metrics and conversion rates.

๐ŸŽ‰ They just launched last month and are offering an exclusive 25% discount to our readers for the first 2 months! Code: โ€œICT25OFFโ€

Table Backend is an insanely cool tool that acts as a backend for all of your simple projects. Perfect if youโ€™re building a marketplace, directory, job board, or anything else.

Itโ€™s like Github, but for prompts. PromptHub is the easiest way to test, optimize and collaborate on prompts, keep them organised and leverage templates.

Make your content more engaging and fun with delightful hand-drawn style charts. Drawcharts lets you effortlessly create hundreds of combinations of eye-catching visuals and export them in one click.

Timerdoro is the simple timer app for all of your tasks. Create unlimited custom timers in just seconds to help you increase your focus and get more done.

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